Buffalo Gallery and Gift Shop

Located in Buffalo’s Prime Shopping District, the Elmwood Village

ShopCraft is Buffalo gallery and gift shop, committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. We are an artisan collective, fostering a strong community of local artists by offering accessible exposure and promoting local economic growth. In our gallery and gift shop you can find the work of 17 local artists.

You can read about our environmental commitment, our mission and our story.

What's Happening

buffalo made gifts

Gifts for Comfort and Joy

Give the Gift of Comfort and Enjoy to those who could some “me time” (even if that person is you!) Book Clock, working clock inside an original book by LitARTure, …

Gifts for the Kiddos

Gift Ideas for the Kiddos Pamphlet Notebook by Danielle Myers of Petrichorpaper, $4.50. Waterproof Journal by Janna Willoughby-Lohr of Papercraft Miracles, $45. Knit Bow Hair Barrette by Megan Carroll of …

Gift Ideas for the Littlest Ones

Gift Ideas for the Littlest Ones Upcycled Turtle hand sewn by Barb Lipiew, $42. A. M. & A’s Vintage Advertisement reproduction Greeting Card, by Lauren and Eric Woods of Buffalo …