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Cover of 111 Places in Buffalo That You Must Not Miss by Brian Hayden with photographs by Jesse Pitzler. Buffalo NY Book gift.

Book 111 Places in Buffalo that You Must Not Miss by Brian Hayden photographs by Jesse Pitzler

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Local author, Brian Hayden of Buffalo, NY brings us his debut book, 111 Places in Buffalo That You Must Not Miss a book filled with hidden gems from across Western New York.

In 111 Places in Buffalo That You Must Not Miss, author Brian Hayden discovers the lesser-known stories, off-the-beaten path locales, and hidden gems that make Buffalo and nearby Niagara Falls extraordinary. Journey through the region and explore century-old ethnic clubs, neighborhood taverns with incredible wings, a hiking trail in the shadow of a collapsed power plant, possible buried treasure in the Niagara River and the small town that invented the kazoo. Find out why Irish Civil War Veterans launched an invasion on Canada from Buffalo, how the manuscript of a Mark Twain masterpiece ended up in a downtown library, and where you can see a “stunter’s row” of daredevils buried together in a Niagara Falls Cemetery. Shop for unique finds in the city’s last “junk shop,” browse for produce grown by recently resettled refugees at an urban farm, and play Buffalo Gay Bingo in an Amvets Hall. Discover the places and people who have called this region home for centuries – and the new arrivals from around the world who have infused New York’s second largest city with new life. Experience the Buffalo and Niagara Falls that only locals know about – and come away with a renewed appreciation for this historic and inspiring region.