Darcie Rosinski, Pots by DJR

handmade pottery by darcieHandmade pottery including porcelain mugs, dish ware, vases, planters, and home decor.

Darcie studied ceramics at Buffalo State College. She focused on functional handmade pottery. Additionally, Darcie has a Fine Arts degree from Niagara County Community College where she studied drawing and painting.

Her love of drawing transferred over to her handmade pottery with the use of the technique called sgraffito. Sgraffito is a method of decorating done by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting color.

Darcie uses simple forms when creating her handmade pottery, creating a crisp and modern canvas for her drawings.

Common themes in her work include bison, sugar skulls, the city of Buffalo, bees, mandalas and ravens.


The Raven

She has particular interest in the raven, because the mysterious bird is depicted in various ways throughout history. These include: a wise bird with a vast memory; a future telling bird that croaks ‘cras’ (or future in Latin); as a dark, evil foreshadowing bird for its color and its nature to scavenge after bad situations. Darcie uses the raven because of it mystery and duality.