Laurie Pijanowski, Buffalo Lakeside Designs

fb_img_1498585723021Laurie Pijanowski, Buffalo Lakeside Designs
Working Member

Laurie Pijanowski of Buffalo Lakeside Designs creates beauty out of nature’s wonders. She has a deep love for trees, beach jewels such as sea glass, unusual stones and driftwood. A tree doesn’t end when a branch falls off and drifts to the lake, she makes them live again. 

Laurie recently started incorporating thrift store finds in my pieces, giving once loved pieces a new life. Her LOVE for essential oils inspired her to create jewelry that allows you to wear the oils too. 

Pijanowski was born, raised, and continues to live in Buffalo NY and enjoys watching her city bloom. She has 3 beautiful children and continues to have them young again in her three beautiful grandchildren.