Nicole Cooke, Type & Resolution

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Nicole Cooke of Type & Resolution is a photographer, graphic designer, and letterpress printer working and living in the City of Buffalo. Many of Nicole’s letterpress prints are available at ShopCraft, and her photography can be seen in the 2017 ShopCraft Gift Guide. She occasionally teaches workshops on smartphone photography, and enjoys the community of the many artists and makers who visit ShopCraft.

Letterpress is a form of relief printing, where a forme composed of movable type (or another raised surface) is inked and printed repeatedly using an antique press. This process is one of the predecessors to modern graphic design and typography as we know it today, and has deep roots in the democratic sharing of information. Nicole loves working in this medium because it is a great way to combine her love of reading, making art, and getting her hands dirty. 

Nicole does all of her letterpress printing at the Western New York Book Arts Center. While printmaking is not traditionally an eco-friendly process, Nicole works to lessen the environmental impact through the use of non-toxic cleaning supplies, and reclaimed paper and ink that were otherwise destined for the trash.

Photo by Beth Insalaco.