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Book cover of Where Wisdom Meets Wonder: Forty Stories of Grandma Love by Buffalo New York Local Author Judith Frizlen Great Gift for Grandparents

Book Where Wisdom Meets Wonder: Forty Stories of Grandma Love by Judith Frizlen

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Local Author Judith Frizlen of Buffalo, NY brings us her latest book, the perfect gift for grandparents.

How often we hear the term “old” used to reference a state of diminishment! Where Wisdom Meets Wonder is a memoir that aims to turn that idea on its head, celebrating the wisdom years through the happy ways in which aging allows us to revisit the wonders of childhood. The child is alive and well inside all of us.

While Where Wisdom Meets Wonder speaks to readers who have moved into the Third Act, it also calls out to parents of young children. These stories will give parents a reassuring glimpse of what’s to come.

Where Wisdom Meets Wonder is a confident statement about the turf that only a person in the wisdom years can command. It vindicates the dignity which perhaps, in our obsession with what dazzles the eye, has been lost in our meager evaluation of aging.

With mirth and a reaffirmed sense of personal worth, Judith Frizlen seeks to change older people’s perspectives. She hopes that these pages will inspire you to take on a beautiful new role as you step into the Third Act of life.

Thunder Snow Buffalo Bills Book by Don Purdy Made in Buffalo, NY Gift Shop

Book Thunder Snow of Buffalo by Don Purdy

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The City of Buffalo, New York, is known for its snowy reputation, but the snowstorm of October 2006 was beyond unexpected.

It caught Buffalonians so off guard that it merits this book of true stories from citizens, including a foreword by Hall of Fame Coach Marv Levy and remarks from Mayor Byron Brown.

Don Purdy, a longtime executive with the Buffalo Bills, shares how he, his family, and the football organization overcame the surprise storm, which occurred Friday the 13th and remains the most destructive in Buffalo’s history. Over thirty players, coaches, and staff deliver their own fascinating memories, such as leaving their families behind without power or heat to travel to Detroit for a regular season game, along with never-before shared accounts of the inner workings of One Bills Drive and the National Football League.

Meteorologists from all three major local television networks reveal their personal and professional experiences, notably how the Storm happened and…how they missed it. Dozens of other prominent members of radio, police, medical, clergy, insurance, business, education, and Buffalo’s NHL Sabres hockey team vividly recall their reactions and subsequent decisions.

Co-Author Billy Klun delivers superb literary framing throughout and even takes the reader inside his then fourteen-year-old mind struggling to make sense of a landscape turned upside down over night. In the overwhelming aftermath, the city’s recovery efforts were boosted by a pair of highly inventive, altruistic volunteers determined to replant the 55,000 lost trees and provide the downed tree carcasses a proud second life – Buffalo style.

In addition to the Bills organization’s quick-thinking and innovative operational adjustments, Thunder Snow of Buffalo offers plenty of humor and laughs, including rookie players from the South asking, “If this happens in October, what will the real winter months be like?”

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