Flo Kane, Embroidery and Hand Sewn Goods

hand made artist buffalo ny flo kane
hand made artist buffalo ny flo kane

Home decor, embroidery, hand made stuffed animals, reusable produce / bulk bags and other delights.

I lived and worked in the city of Buffalo for over 20 years, and now live in a little red house in a big green field in Niagara County. I started selling vintage bits and bobs on Etsy, which evolved into making mixed media pieces that told stories, which evolved into mini shadowboxes that held beauty and grief inside. My love of all things older than old led me to learn pointed pen Spencerian calligraphy. I taught myself to sew and loved textiles, which led me to embroidery!

I like to make things that are loosely influenced by death practices and mourning rituals past and present, like my mourning dolls. I create skeleton embroideries as little memento mori because death is universal, and while mourning is as well, it is often a lonely experience. I want to give people a unique way to honor and hold the experience of their own losses.

I’ve been a member artist at Shop Craft since January 2019, and I absolutely love being a part of something so special!