ShopCraft is excited to present local artist, Alyssa Capri’s mini-series, love and attachment. Opening on July 20th, 2017 at 6pm – the exhibition will run through August 20th.

Mixed media artist Alyssa Capri touches beautifully on the human experience – exploring love and attachment in the various types of relationships we create both internally and externally.  

From day to day attachments and affections; formed with strangers, occasional acquaintances, friends, relatives, and lovers we all experience them in our own way. Sometimes out of love and sometimes out of habit, our connections can be purely emotional, physical, or varying degrees of both. Using threads as a representation for connection and attachment, Alyssa explores how each presents outwardly, how the internal connects to the external, and how different relationships attach to you in distinctive ways.  

She regularly explores the human experience in her work, in particular love, growth, loss, and relationships, including the one we have with ourselves.

Capri starts all of her pieces with a particular subject in mind, pencilling in to start – as she adds layers, with ink, watercolor, and finally thread the piece grows based on an expression of emotions in the moment.

Alyssa is self-taught and has been creating art professionally for 3.5 years. she works primarily in ink and watercolor, recently experimenting with different mediums such as acrylic, embroidery and collages.

She has exhibited her work at Western New York Book Arts Center, Grindhaus Cafe, the Under the Lights Festival, and has a permanent piece on display at The Modeling Factory. Her work has been published in Buffalo Black Book, and Makers Magazine. Alyssa is working on her first piece of public art, a mural on the corner of Delaware and Tacoma.



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Alyssa is a super talented artist. Thanks for exhibiting her work in your shop. When is she coming back? 🙂

We still have some of her art prints available in the shop!

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