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Coral Fossil Mala Necklace – “Yemoja”

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Holly Paolicelli of OssaBelle Trinkets, hand tied 108 (10mm) Coral and Fossil semi precious stones on waxed linen thread and paired it with a handmade gold rayon silk tassel to create this mala.  Called “Yemoja”, it is both beautiful and functional.

Mala, Sanskrit for “meditation garland,” is a term for prayer bead necklaces from a variety of Indian and East Asian cultures. This piece can be an inspired addition to your yoga and / or meditation practice or gift it to someone seeking inner peace.

Please see below for care instructions.

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Available on backorder

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-108 hand tied beads on waxed linen thread

-Coral, Fossil 10mm semi precious stones

-Gold Rayon Silk tassel

Care Instructions:
Each OssaBelle Trinkets Mala necklace is unique. Please treat your mala with kindness. Do not tug or pull on your mala. When not worn, store in a safe place away from water and prolonged sun. 

Malas are best made from natural fibers, and in the course of time the string may wear and break. If a mala ever breaks, it’s meant to symbolize you’ve outgrown the intention associated with that piece. If that happens, simply contact us and we can restring and repair most Malas for a nominal fee.

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