Heather Fava of Paper Enthusiast, Hand Cut Paper Art & Cards

Heather Fava of Paper Enthusiast, Hand Cut Paper Art & Cards

made in buffalo artist buffalo gift shop artist

made in buffalo artist buffalo gift shop artist

Where can customers follow your work?
Instagram | Weebly

How did you become a ShopCraft member?
I sent @buffaloshopcraft a message on Instagram and the rest is history!\

How did you end up in Buffalo? Are you a Buffalo native?
I’m from WNY originally and although I’ve never actually lived in the city of Buffalo, I consider myself a “Buffalonian.”

In what way(s) is your work and/or lifestyle environmentally friendly?
I am very conscious of what and how much I throw away so I wanted to find a way to incorporate that into my work. I’ve always been a creator of sorts (props, Halloween costumes, jewelry, cards) but one thing that has remained consistent is using the materials at hand. DIY projects are definitely my jam!

I primarily use re-purposed paper materials in my work which can include paper grocery bags, wrapping paper, coffee sleeves etc. My goal is to reuse otherwise discarded (and hopefully recycled) paper products in an effort to keep my ideas fresh as well as waste to a minimum. My cards are always a little different because I never know what materials I will be using. My hope is that people will think twice about tossing that (clean) coffee sleeve and recycle it – or give it to me!

Describe your creative process in as much detail as possible:
I think in captions so when something strikes me (usually in rhyme form) I jot it down and save it for later. I love a good pun as well as making little paper objects, so when I have a chance to put those together … I go for it!

Each card/caption is inspired by things I see in everyday life. Past experiences, hilarious mix-ups or just a card I would want to receive. You know when something funny happens but no one is around to witness it and you think “oh man, this is going to make a great story later!”? Well, each card tells a “story” and I think they are best when shared with someone.

I wish people would talk to each other more … face to face, no screens in between, so my hope is that my cards may be the ice breaker! *Disclaimer: My cards aren’t for everyone, but if you get it, you GET it!

What does it mean to you to be a member of an artist collective like ShopCraft?
I’m excited to be a part of an artist collective in Buffalo! I feel lucky to have this opportunity and I look forward to meeting/working with the other ShopCraft members.

How do you order your wings?
Medium, saucy, crispy with extra blue cheese … and napkins!

What is the most meaningful thing a customer/client has said to you about your work?
I love when people tell me why they can relate to one of my cards. I mentioned each card having a “story” and I’m touched when people feel comfortable to tell me about theirs. People give me suggestions all the time, though usually very specific, but each one brings me closer to making “the perfect card” available to someone, someday! I also get “my Mom loves your work!” a lot, so that’s always nice.

If you could share a piece of advice with people who think they are ‘not creative’, or don’t think their art is ‘good enough’, what would it be?
Don’t underestimate yourself! Everyone has their own “flare,” maybe you just haven’t found the right medium yet.

What about Buffalo inspires you?
When it comes to small business life, Buffalo has a sense of “owning” it. Seeing some of the new businesses and pop up shops around town makes me feel like anything is possible and inspires me to work hard to have my own studio one day! I love the “Shop Small” movement and I am incredibly thankful for friends and family that subscribe to that notion as well!

What is your super power?
Nephew Tamer. The fact that my family considers me one of the biggest “kids” definitely helps!

What is your favorite charitable organization?
Cradle Beach – They host the awesome & very chilly Penguin 5k Run every January!

Tell us a joke:
Why did the burger go to the gym? To get better BUNS!
*Joke borrowed from my oldest Nephew

What is your most prized possession?
My external hard drive which contains at least a decade of memories.

Anything else you’d like to share with the world?
Find that “thing” that makes you happy and make time for it!

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