Applying Our Craft to Masks

Applying Our Craft to Masks

handmade masks for the community made in buffalo ny

Many of our makers have been spending their days making masks for essential workers and volunteers. Sarah of SJ Handbags, Holly of OssaBelle Trinkets, Julie of J Savage Goods and Jill of Not Your Granny’s Yarn have even been working as a team (in their own homes) to fill larger orders for organizations like Child and Family Services, who has staff going out into the community and clients’ homes daily. Flo of Flomade created masks for Hospice of Niagara County so that family members would have a face covering available when going into to visit their loved ones. Laetitia of Atlas Concept developed a pattern for masks for children so they can feel safer when they have to go out, which was featured on Buffalo Rising’s Instagram.

Social distancing and hand washing are the best ways to stop the spread and flatten the curve for the current coronavirus pandemic. Now that the CDC is recommending everyone wears a mask when going out into public, these handmade masks reduce the strain on the supply of masks for medical professionals working directly with Covid-19 patients.

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Hello there. First off I wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing for our communities.
Next, I wanted to ask if we are able to purchase any of these masks? I work for Roswell Park in their Path and Lab Med department. We get daily throw away masks, but I was looking for something to wear outside the buildings.
I also work for Thorn Avenue Animal hospital, where we have to wear cloth masks and take them home to clean every night.
So, I just thought I would ask about purchasing.
Sincerely thank you for your time,
Robyn Weber

Thank you so much for your kind words and being out there working and taking care of the people and animals in our community. Thorn Ave is where I take my pets and I love you guys! For personal use we do have some masks for sale now here: https://christap.sg-host.com/product-category/apparel/face-mask/

I’m so happy to hear you are a client.
Thank you for sending me the link.

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