ShopCraft and Bak USA

ShopCraft and Bak USA

bak made in buffalo

bak made in buffaloWho is Bak USA?

Bak USA is a company founded and based in Buffalo, NY. They are building tablets and computers right here in our city. They have a mission to “Build accessible technology, empower local communities, and activate social prosperity.” Read more about them on their website.


bak made in buffaloWhy did ShopCraft partner with Bak USA?

We are thrilled to have a chance to partner with Bak, a company who shares many of the same values for community and social good. While we make art, and they make tablets, we also found a strong similarity in their production. Each one of their products is built locally, by one person from start to finish. Just like the products our artists make.


bak made in buffaloWhy is this such a great deal?

The tablets we have, the limited edition Buffalo Bak Boards, were the first tablet they offered. We bought the last 6, to bring them to our customers, who share our values. Bak USA offered this product at a discount to partner with a local shop who shares their values. Originally sold for $199, our partnership is allowing us to bring them to you for a special price $50.


Our gift to the community.

We will sell 5 of the Buffalo Bak Boards in the store. A portion of the purchase price of each board will go towards providing the 6th one to a local family in need! Stop in to get one, our hours for the season are here.


Photos by Bak USA.

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