Honeybees and How You Can Help

Honeybees and How You Can Help

buffalo ny wildflower pollinator seeds

buffalo ny wildflower pollinator seedsWe were excited to see the article, The Plight of the Honey Bee, in this week’s edition of The Public. It is a great piece on what is happening to pollinators, what value they provide, and how you can help them to survive. Check it out here.

We offer several plantable paper options in the shop that include seeds to plants and flowers that attract pollinators.

Member artist Eileen May of Love by Bean offers her Organic Wildflower Pollinator blend in various quantities. These locally grown organic flower seeds not only produce flowers that attract and help pollinators, but they help pollinators on the production end as well. Plants that are grown specifically for harvesting seeds, are grown for longer and typically require more pesticides than usual which can harm pollinator insects. Choosing organic seeds like these stops the potential harm of pollinator insects on the production side. A pack of 6 seed bombs is available on our website here. Stop in the shop or email us if you are interested in larger quantities.

Member artist Janna Willoughby Lohr of Papercraft Miracles offers an assortment of options for plantable pollinator papers, including full 8.5 x 11 sheets of plantable poetry, plantable bumble bee paper, bumble love seed bombs and her Honeycomb Shaped Seed bomb sets. With so many options, you can have a lot of fun planting these for yourself or gifting them! The Honeycomb Shaped Seed Bombs are available here. If interested in the other options, please stop in the store or email us!

With National Pollinator Week having just passed, we felt it was a great time to share these resources!

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